Do You Really Have To Recycle Your Old Tyres?

Short answer: failure to properly dispose of tyres can lead to fines of up to £20K. Want to know more..?

Every year tens of millions of tyres are disposed of in the UK.

The UK produces around 55 million waste tyres a year. If tyres are not properly reused, recycled or disposed, waste tyres can:

  • Have a negative impact on the environment
  • Damage local communities, and
  • Undermine legitimate businesses

For this reason, laws are in place to ensure that waste tyres are disposed of responsibly. Anyone who produces, imports, carries, keeps, treats or disposes of waste tyres must follow stringent legislation.

You can learn more about the legislation, and the risks you face by failing to comply here: http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/waste/138215.aspx

That’s where Tyre Recycling Centre come in.

We are fully accredited to legally carry and recycle your tyres – just take a look at our licenses and permits page. When you give your tyres to Tyre Recycling Centre, you know you’re in safe hands. We are members of The “Tyre Recovery Association” and are a certified “Tyre Industry Federation Responsible Recycler”.